# Welcome to GetCandy 🎉

GetCandy is an open source E-Commerce API, written in Laravel and supplied as a composer package. There are no templates to wrestle with, no caching to contend with and no obscure sessions to deal with. Just a straight up RESTful API you can consume with anything that can make HTTP Requests.

Frustrated with existing e-commerce solutions that made customisation complex (e.g. Magento), or locked you in to a e-commerce supplier (Shopify), we wanted a solution for Laravel that would allow us to build whatever we wanted, quickly and simply, without reinventing the wheel time and time again. And we wanted it to be headless e-commerce, so we could build modern PWA storefronts in frontend frameworks such as NuxtJS, React, etc.

Since the API is a Laravel package, you just install it via composer into your new or existing app and you're all set. The goal is to provide an E-Commerce solution that you truly can customise and tailor to your exact needs.