# Troubleshooting

If you're having issues getting the hub set up, we understand it can be frustrating. Which is why we've compiled a list of common scenario's and how to fix them.

# I'm getting a CSRF token mismatch when I try to log in

Make these changes on your Laravel app.

This sounds like an issue with Sanctum and how the hub is connecting to the API. Check that they are both running on the same TLD and in your cors.php config file, check that supports_credentials is set to true.

If you're still seeing the error it's likely Sanctum hasn't been properly set up, double check the install steps for Sanctum.

Make these changes on your Laravel app.

Make sure you have set 'prefix' => 'api/v1/sanctum', in your sanctum.php config file.

# The API just returns "Unauthenticated"

Make these changes on your Laravel app.

Looks like Sanctum isn't authenticating you via the auth:sanctum middleware. Check that you have set your SESSION_DRIVER to cookie in your .env file.

If the issue persists, double check your Sanctum installation.